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The "Downtown" collection of t-shirt designs by Canada's best known t-shirt artist, Doug Brooks, has proven to be the best selling "local/souvenir" design in small communities across Canada for almost 40 years!

So if you sell souvenir garments at any time of year we can supply you with what you need with 5 day service and 100% fill. And we have no minimums on our orders. (Orders under 12 pcs are subject to a 2.00/pc surcharge)

If you think we would be a great supplier for some of your souvenir apparel needs please login and get to work. We are wholesale only. We don't need any payment information to register or order on our site.


Once you have logged in you will be able to browse the design templates, including viewing mockups of the garments and colours available, pricing, target ship dates, and full online ordering.

General Stores

Template: D1
Original General Store
Template: D1M
Original General Store With Mountains
Template: D3
General Store - Grocery
Template: D6
General Store - Gable Roof
Template: D6M
General Store - Gable Roof With Mountains
Template: D26
General Store - Trading Post
Template: D7
General Store - Ramshackle
Template: D3G
General Store - Gossip

Old Tyme Street Scenes

Template: D2
Rural Route
Template: D4
Old Town Main Street
Template: D5
Lonely Road
Template: D8
Prairie Scene
Template: D5M
Lonely Road with Mountains

Remote Places

Template: D11
Where The Hell/Heck Is ... Broken Down Car
Template: D12
Paved Road - Where The Hell/Heck Is/Survived Road To
Template: D13
Dirt Road - Where The Hell/Heck Is/Survived Road To
Template: D15
Where The Hell/Heck Is - Broken Down Pickup
Template: D16
Mountain Road - Survived Road To/Where The Hell/Heck Is
Template: D19
I Survived The Flight To ... Kissing Ground
Template: D24
Sign Post for Surrounding Communities
Template: D11P
Where The Hell/Heck Is ... Broken Down Pickup


Template: D20
Bugs Are Bigger In ... Hunter
Template: D21
Mosquito Airforce Squadron
Template: D22
I Gave Blood In/At ...
Template: D28
Bugs Are Bigger ... Flying Moose
Template: D33
Bugs Are Bigger Pickup

Fishing & Lakes

Template: D27
Fish Are Bigger In ... Fishing Liar.
Template: D29
Fish Are Bigger In ... Boat
Template: D32
Life's Easier In ...

General Humour

Template: D9
London, Paris, Rome ... Your Town
Template: D10
Not Exactly As Illustrated
Template: D17
Somebody Loves Me ... Bear Hug
Template: D18
Hillbilly Bikers
Template: D23
University Of ...
Template: D30
Bear Chasing Tourists
Template: D34
Redneck BBQ
Template: D35
Hillbilly Band


Template: D14
Winter Road - Where The Hell/Heck Is/Survived Road To
Template: D36
Survived The Trails To ...
Template: D37
Survived The Winter Road To ...
Template: D38
Hell Freeze Over
Template: D39
Survived The Winter
Template: D40
Cabin Fever
Template: D41
WTHI - Snowmobile

"Something Special"

"Looking For Something Special"

"Mr. Downtown"

Ben Noble

Many of the Brooks' original "Downtown" collection of drawings can be adapted for special events or situations.

In this great example a popular shopping destination sponsors a weekly cruise night in season and by adapting the "broken down pickup" (template No D15), a unique and sought-after souvenir was created.

Does anyone know the year and model of the car?

Mr. Downtown knows!

Send me an email with your idea or special request. Include your phone number in case I need to speak with you about your special requirements ... Ben.